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5 New Pop Songs You Must Listen To

Pop is one of the most popular genres at this time numbers of artists and music fans keen on. To clarify, pop is the abbreviation of "Popular" which means that this genre is well known in almost ages, sex, and countries. This music genre is a perfect combination of multiple - genres
Pop Inspires You Live Better

There are numbers of subgenres, which are built in when this genre is combined with other music genre such as Pop rock, Indie Pop, electro pop, dance pop, synth-pop and more. This feature creates for pop the endless variety. Electro-pop is going to be top in this year following the dramatically development of EDM. Here is a valuable list of top 6 pop songs you should keep in mind: 
Fifth Harmony is one of the most well-known girls band at the present time. Here is their great MV with Ty Dolla $ign which gives enjoyer a lasting impression.
This band has just comeback after nearly a year and a half by expressing back the famous song, “Tom’s Diner,” Suzanne Vega is a good example for this feature. Fall Out Boy is the lead single of this band at that time. And this song gets idea from “Tom’s Diner,”
Get a good sample form the song “Street Fighter”, “sorry not sorry” which is belong to the Tiller’s debut album, “Trapsoul,” shows the listeners a clear example how R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music are mixing together.
There are even little glimpses of ZAYN in the video. One Direction's epic 'History' music video expresses the boys' meteoric rise to success all the way up until they finally announced their hiatus.
 “No” affirmed the comeback of Meghan as a new smash hit after the most favorable pop song of 2015 hit 'All About That Bass.' Her video attracted numbers of Music lovers with the strong impression and creative electro pop.

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