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How to Download Vine Videos to Your Desktop

Vine allows users to watch viral 6-second-videos in all aspects of our life from pets, funny cartoon, singer and more. By integrating the new application – streaming video, Vine videos have dedicated users an easy way to view.  Nonetheless, this action causes an inconvenience for watchers who are on the need of downloading for offline viewing. Some people love to download their beloved video to watch again, make an avatar or other targets. As the best understanding of this controversial, this article shows you two simple methods to download videos from Vine.

 When users love to do more things than downloading Videos, it’s recommended that they should use an online web tool which is fast, simple and safe. In this paper, we love to share users a great experience at for this term.

A Multi-Functions Web Tool

Method 1: Using online web tool service
Step 1: After you copy the URL of the beloved Vine video, visit and paste the copied link in the input box
Step 2: Click the "Convert MP3" button and wait a moment
Step 3: Choose the ".mp4" with compatible bitrate with your devices and click to the appropriate button to download.
All things you need are downloading the favorite video. In such case, you should try this direct way to download and save your video following these two simple steps.  
Method 2: Download directly on the using browser
Step 1: Visit and find your favorite video, click to player
Step 2: Take a right - click and choose "Save video as..." option. And now you have your needed video in ".mp4" format.

Download Vine Videos from Google Chrome

Though the second way looks a little bit complicated, however, users will feel worth with what they can be received from this site. Besides downloading video from Vine, this web tool supports user convert them to MP3 format. It's time to discover that users absolutely convert most of videos from Vine and YouTube to MP3 format with this awesome site. Moreover, Internet users freely cut and create ringtone or message tone without payment. By offering these services, this site completely meets all need of users who find to download Videos from Vine and get other awesome experience. 

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